QPL Publications

Journal article and preprints written or co-authored by QPL members are listed here in reverse chronological order, with QPL authors in bold.


  • D. Hothem, J. Hines, K. Nataraj, R. Blume-Kohout, T. Proctor, Predictive Models from Quantum Computer Benchmarks. arXiv preprint:2305.08796 (May 2023).
  • T. Lubinski, S. Johri, P. Varosy, J. Coleman, L. Zhao, J. Necaise, C. H. Baldwin, K. Mayer, and T. ProctorApplication-Oriented Performance Benchmarks for Quantum Computing. IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering 4, 1-32 (April 2023).
  • D. Hothem, K. Young, T. Catanach, and T. Proctor, Learning a quantum computer’s capability using convolutional neural networks. arXiv preprint:2304.10650 (April 2023).
  • T. Tanttu, W. H. Lim, J. Y. Huang, N. D. Stuyck, W. Gilbert, R. Y. Su, M. Feng, J. D. Cifuentes, A. E. Seedhouse, S. K. SeritanC. I. OstroveK. M. Rudinger, R. C. C. Leon, W. Huang, C. C. Escott, K. M. Itoh, N. V. Abrosimov, H.-J. Pohl, M. L. W. Thewalt, F. E. Hudson, R. Blume-Kohout, S. D. Bartlett, A. Morello, A. Laucht, C. H. Yang, A. Saraiva, A. S. Dzurak, Stability of high-fidelity two-qubit operations in silicon.  arXiv preprint:2303.04090 (March 2023).
  • A. M. Polloreno, Arnaud Carignan-Dugas, J. Hines, R. Blume-Kohout, K. Young, T. Proctor, A Theory of Direct Randomized Benchmarking. arXiv preprint:2302.13853 (Feb. 2023).


  • T. Proctor, S. Seritan, K. Rudinger, E. Nielsen, R. Blume-Kohout, and K. YoungScalable randomized benchmarking of quantum computers using mirror circuits. Physical Review Letters 129, 150502 (October 2022).
  • A. Hashim, S. Seritan, T. Proctor, K. Rudinger, N. Goss, R. K. Naik, J. M. Kreikebaum, D. I. Santiago, and I. Siddiqi, Benchmarking verified logic operations for fault tolerance. arXiv preprint:2207.08786 (July 2022).
  • J. Hines, M. Lu, R. K. Naik, A. Hashim, J.-L. Ville, B. Mitchell, J. M. Kriekebaum, D. I. Santiago, S. Seritan, E. Nielsen, R. Blume-Kohout, K. Young, I. Siddiqi, B. Whaley, and T. Proctor, Demonstrating scalable randomized benchmarking of universal gate sets. arXiv preprint:2207.07272 (July 2022).
  • R. Blume-Kohout, M. P. da Silva, E. NielsenT. ProctorK. Rudinger, M. N. Sarovar, and K. YoungA taxonomy of small Markovian errors. PRX Quantum 3, 020335 (May 2022).
  • T. ProctorS. SeritanE. NielsenK. RudingerK. YoungR. Blume-Kohout, M. Sarovar, Establishing trust in quantum computations. arXiv preprint:2204.07568 (April 2022).
  • A. R. Mills, C. R. Guinn, M. J. Gullans, A. J. Sigillito, M. M. Feldman, E. Nielsen, J. R. Petta, Two-qubit silicon quantum processor with operation fidelity exceeding 99%. Science Advances 8, abn5130 (April 2022).
  • M. T. Mądzik, S. Asaad, A. Youssry, B. Joecker, K. M. Rudinger, E. Nielsen, K. C. Young, T. J. Proctor, A. D. Baczewski, A. Laucht, V. Schmitt, F. E. Hudson, K. M. Itoh, A. M. Jakob, B. C. Johnson, D. N. Jamieson, A. S. Dzurak, C. Ferrie, R. Blume-Kohout, A. Morello, Precision tomography of a three-qubit electron-nuclear quantum processor in silicon. Nature 601, 348–353 (January 2022).
  • T. ProctorK. RudingerK. YoungE. Nielsen and R. Blume-KohoutMeasuring the Capabilities of Quantum Computers. Nature Physics 18, 75-79 (January, 2022).
  • K. Rudinger, G. Ribeill, L. Govia, M. Ware, E. NielsenK. Young, T. Ohki, R. Blume-KohoutT. ProctorCharacterizing mid-circuit measurements on a superconducting qubit using gate set tomography, Phys. Rev. Applied 17, 014014 (January 2022).


  • K. Rudinger, C. W. Hogle, R. K. Naik, A. Hashim, D. Lobser, D. I. Santiago, M. D. GraceE. NielsenT. ProctorS. Seritan, S. M. Clark, R. Blume-Kohout, I. Siddiqi, and K. C. YoungExperimental Characterization of Crosstalk Errors with Simultaneous Gate Set Tomography. PRX Quantum 2, 040338 (November 2021).
  • E. Nielsen, J. K. Gamble, K. Rudinger, T. Scholten, K. Young, R. Blume-KohoutGate set tomographyQuantum 5, 557 (October 2021).
  • E. NielsenK. RudingerT. ProctorK. Young, and R. Blume-KohoutEfficient flexible characterization of quantum processors with nested error models. New J. Phys. 23 093020 (September 2021).


  • R. Blume-KohoutK. RudingerE. NielsenT. Proctor, and K. YoungWildcard error: Quantifying unmodeled errors in quantum processors.  arXiv preprint:2012.12231 (December 2020).
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  • E. NielsenK. RudingerT. Proctor, A. Russo, K. Young and R. Blume-KohoutProbing quantum processor performance with pyGSTiQuantum Science & Technology 5, 044002 (July 2020).
  • A. Veitia, M. P. da Silva, R. Blume-Kohout, S. J. van Enk, Macroscopic instructions vs microscopic operationsPhysics Letters A 384 (6), 126131 (February 2020).
  • A. Polloreno and K. YoungRobustly decorrelating errors with mixed quantum gates.  arXiv preprint:2001.02779 (January 2020).


  • T. Scholten, Y.-K. Liu, K. Young, and R. Blume-KohoutClassifying single-qubit noise using machine learning. arXiv preprint:1908.11762 (August 2019).
  • T. Proctor, A. Carignan-Dugas, K. RudingerE. NielsenR. Blume-Kohout, and K. YoungDirect randomized benchmarking for multi-qubit devices. Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 030503 (July 2019).
  • K. RudingerT. Proctor, D. Langharst, M. SarovarK. Young, and R. Blume-KohoutProbing context-dependent errors in quantum processors. Phys. Rev. X 9, 021045 (June 2019).


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  • R. Blume-KohoutJ. K. GambleE. Nielsen, J.  Mizrahi, J. D. Sterk, P. Maunz, Robust, self-consistent, closed-form tomography of quantum logic gates on a trapped ion qubitarXiv preprint: 1310.4492 (2013).
  • D.H. Mahler, L. A. Rozema, A. Darabi, C. Ferrie, R. Blume-Kohout, A. M. Steinberg, Adaptive quantum state tomography improves accuracy quadraticallyPhys. Rev. Lett. 111, 183601 (2013).
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