QPL Publications

Journal article and preprints written or co-authored by QPL members are listed here in reverse chronological order, with QPL authors in bold.


  • J. Hines, M. Lu, R. K. Naik, A. Hashim, J.-L. Ville, B. Mitchell, J. M. Kriekebaum, D. I. Santiago, S. Seritan, E. Nielsen, R. Blume-Kohout, K. Young, I. Siddiqi, B. Whaley, and T. Proctor, Demonstrating scalable randomized benchmarking of universal gate sets. Phys. Rev. X 13, 041030 (Nov. 2023)
  • A. Hashim, S. Seritan, T. Proctor, K. Rudinger, N. Goss, R. K. Naik, J. M. Kreikebaum, D. I. Santiago, and I. Siddiqi, Benchmarking quantum logic operations relative to thresholds for fault tolerance. npj Quantum Information 9, 109 (October 2023).
  • T. Proctor and K. Young, A simple asymptotically optimal Clifford circuit compilation algorithm. arXiv:2310.10882 (October 2023).
  • H. G. Stemp, S. Asaad, M. R. van Blankenstein, A. Vaartjes, M. A. I. Johnson, M. T. Mądzik, A. J. A. Heskes, H. R. Firgau, R. Y. Su, C. H. Yang, A. Laucht, C. I. Ostrove, K. M. Rudinger, K. Young, R. Blume-Kohout, F. E. Hudson, A. S. Dzurak, K. M. Itoh, A. M. Jakob, B. C. Johnson, D. N. Jamieson, A. Morello, Tomography of entangling two-qubit logic operations in exchange-coupled donor electron spin qubits. arXiv preprint:2309.15463 (September 2023).
  • Jordan Hines, Daniel Hothem, Robin Blume-Kohout, Birgitta Whaley, Timothy Proctor, Fully scalable randomized benchmarking without motion reversal. arXiv preprint:2309.05147 (September 2023).
  • C. Ostrove, K. Rudinger, S. Seritan, K. Young, R. Blume-Kohout, Near-Minimal Gate Set Tomography Experiment Designs. arXiv preprint:2308.08781 (August 2023).
  • K. M. Rudinger, C. I. Ostrove, S. K. Seritan, M. D. Grace, E. Nielsen, R. Blume-Kohout, K. C. Young, Two-Qubit Gate Set Tomography with Fewer Circuits. arXiv preprint:2307.15767 (July 2023).
  • J.P. Marceaux and K. Young, Streaming quantum gate set tomography using the extended Kalman filter. arXiv preprint: 2306.15116 (June 2023)
  • D. Hothem, J. Hines, K. Nataraj, R. Blume-Kohout, T. Proctor, Predictive Models from Quantum Computer Benchmarks. arXiv preprint:2305.08796 (May 2023).
  • T. Lubinski, S. Johri, P. Varosy, J. Coleman, L. Zhao, J. Necaise, C. H. Baldwin, K. Mayer, and T. ProctorApplication-Oriented Performance Benchmarks for Quantum Computing. IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering 4, 1-32 (April 2023).
  • D. Hothem, K. Young, T. Catanach, and T. Proctor, Learning a quantum computer’s capability using convolutional neural networks. arXiv preprint:2304.10650 (April 2023).
  • T. Tanttu, W. H. Lim, J. Y. Huang, N. D. Stuyck, W. Gilbert, R. Y. Su, M. Feng, J. D. Cifuentes, A. E. Seedhouse, S. K. SeritanC. I. OstroveK. M. Rudinger, R. C. C. Leon, W. Huang, C. C. Escott, K. M. Itoh, N. V. Abrosimov, H.-J. Pohl, M. L. W. Thewalt, F. E. Hudson, R. Blume-Kohout, S. D. Bartlett, A. Morello, A. Laucht, C. H. Yang, A. Saraiva, A. S. Dzurak, Stability of high-fidelity two-qubit operations in silicon.  arXiv preprint:2303.04090 (March 2023).
  • A. M. Polloreno, Arnaud Carignan-Dugas, J. Hines, R. Blume-Kohout, K. Young, T. Proctor, A Theory of Direct Randomized Benchmarking. arXiv preprint:2302.13853 (Feb. 2023).


  • T. Proctor, S. Seritan, K. Rudinger, E. Nielsen, R. Blume-Kohout, and K. YoungScalable randomized benchmarking of quantum computers using mirror circuits. Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 150502 (October 2022).
  • R. Blume-Kohout, M. P. da Silva, E. NielsenT. ProctorK. Rudinger, M. N. Sarovar, and K. YoungA taxonomy of small Markovian errors. PRX Quantum 3, 020335 (May 2022).
  • T. ProctorS. SeritanE. NielsenK. RudingerK. YoungR. Blume-Kohout, M. Sarovar, Establishing trust in quantum computations. arXiv preprint:2204.07568 (April 2022).
  • A. R. Mills, C. R. Guinn, M. J. Gullans, A. J. Sigillito, M. M. Feldman, E. Nielsen, J. R. Petta, Two-qubit silicon quantum processor with operation fidelity exceeding 99%. Science Advances 8, abn5130 (April 2022).
  • M. T. Mądzik, S. Asaad, A. Youssry, B. Joecker, K. M. Rudinger, E. Nielsen, K. C. Young, T. J. Proctor, A. D. Baczewski, A. Laucht, V. Schmitt, F. E. Hudson, K. M. Itoh, A. M. Jakob, B. C. Johnson, D. N. Jamieson, A. S. Dzurak, C. Ferrie, R. Blume-Kohout, A. Morello, Precision tomography of a three-qubit electron-nuclear quantum processor in silicon. Nature 601, 348–353 (January 2022).
  • T. ProctorK. RudingerK. YoungE. Nielsen and R. Blume-KohoutMeasuring the Capabilities of Quantum Computers. Nature Physics 18, 75-79 (January, 2022).
  • K. Rudinger, G. Ribeill, L. Govia, M. Ware, E. NielsenK. Young, T. Ohki, R. Blume-KohoutT. ProctorCharacterizing mid-circuit measurements on a superconducting qubit using gate set tomography, Phys. Rev. Applied 17, 014014 (January 2022).
  • A. Polloreno and K. YoungRobustly decorrelating errors with mixed quantum gates.  Quantum Sci. Technol. 7, 025004 (2022).


  • K. Rudinger, C. W. Hogle, R. K. Naik, A. Hashim, D. Lobser, D. I. Santiago, M. D. GraceE. NielsenT. ProctorS. Seritan, S. M. Clark, R. Blume-Kohout, I. Siddiqi, and K. C. YoungExperimental Characterization of Crosstalk Errors with Simultaneous Gate Set Tomography. PRX Quantum 2, 040338 (November 2021).
  • E. Nielsen, J. K. Gamble, K. Rudinger, T. Scholten, K. Young, R. Blume-KohoutGate set tomographyQuantum 5, 557 (October 2021).
  • E. NielsenK. RudingerT. ProctorK. Young, and R. Blume-KohoutEfficient flexible characterization of quantum processors with nested error models. New J. Phys. 23 093020 (September 2021).


  • R. Blume-KohoutK. RudingerE. NielsenT. Proctor, and K. YoungWildcard error: Quantifying unmodeled errors in quantum processors.  arXiv preprint:2012.12231 (December 2020).
  • O. Di Matteo, J. Gamble, C. Granade, K. Rudinger, N. Wiebe, Operational, gauge-free quantum tomography, Quantum 4, 364 (November 2020).
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  • A. Polloreno and K. YoungRobustly decorrelating errors with mixed quantum gates.  arXiv preprint:2001.02779 (January 2020).


  • T. Scholten, Y.-K. Liu, K. Young, and R. Blume-KohoutClassifying single-qubit noise using machine learning. arXiv preprint:1908.11762 (August 2019).
  • T. Proctor, A. Carignan-Dugas, K. RudingerE. NielsenR. Blume-Kohout, and K. YoungDirect randomized benchmarking for multi-qubit devices. Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 030503 (July 2019).
  • K. RudingerT. Proctor, D. Langharst, M. SarovarK. Young, and R. Blume-KohoutProbing context-dependent errors in quantum processors. Phys. Rev. X 9, 021045 (June 2019).


  • C. Ferrie and R. Blume-Kohout, Maximum Likelihood Quantum State Tomography is Inadmissible, arXiv preprint: 1808.01072 (2018).
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