APQC Registration

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Registration for APQC 2023 is now closed. Information about the registration process is still available below for historical reference.

Registration Process for APQC 2023 (now closed)

APQC is limited to at most 70 participants, due to space and funding constraints.  All participants except invited speakers must request a spot by applying (see below).  If more than 70 applications are received, the organizing committee will select participants based on scientific accomplishments and promise.  Early-career scientists (graduate students and postdocs) are encouraged to apply, and will be given special consideration.

A conference fee of $200 will be required at registration.  This makes it possible for us to provide all meals, and a reduced rate for lodging.

Deadlines:  Full consideration will be given to applications received by August 20, 2023.  Later applications may be considered if space permits.  No applications received after September 7, 2023 will be considered.

Submitting a talk:  Contributed talks are the backbone of the workshop; we expect to accept at least 16 contributed talks and 5 talks about “software and programming for performance assessment”, in addition to roughly 8 invited talks about recent high-profile developments in the field.  We encourage all applicants who have new and relevant research results to submit an abstract for a contributed talk.  However, the schedule will not permit every participant to give a talk, and applications that do not propose a contributed talk will not be penalized (they will be given full consideration).

Posters:  If we can’t make space for your submission as a talk, we encourage you to present it as a poster.  If you don’t want to submit a talk at all, we encourage you to request space for a poster about your research.  Posters will be hung throughout the workshop, and if enough posters are presented, there will be a short dedicated poster session.

How to apply, and (if desired) submit a contributed talk abstract:  Please send an email to qpl@sandia.gov with the subject line “APQC 2023 application” and the following information in plain text:

  • Your name and primary institution[s].
  • Please let us know if you are an early career researcher (student or postdoctoral fellow).
  • One paragraph describing why you would be a valuable contributor to the APQC workshop.  Good arguments include: a brief description of work done in one or more of the relevant fields, publications, collaborations, specific near-future plans to do research in performance assessment, and potential contributions to diversity at APQC.

If you would also like to present a talk or a poster, please include in your email:

  • A title and short abstract for a contributed talk.  Preference will be given to abstracts that make a clear connection to assessing the performance of quantum computers.
  • Is your talk appropriate/intended for the “Software and Programming for Quantum Performance Assessment” session?
  • If we are not able to provide space for a talk, would you like to present it as a poster instead?
  • Alternatively:  If you would prefer to present a poster (not a talk), please just state your proposed poster’s title (no abstract is required for poster-only submissions).

Successful applicants who submit an application before August 21 will be notified by August 23.  If your travel planning requires an earlier decision, please let us know in your application email.  If you have applied but realize you can’t attend, please just send us an email at qpl@sandia.gov withdrawing your application.

Registration:  Successful applicants will be directed to a registration page where the conference fee ($200) can be paid before the beginning of the workshop.