Quantum Performance Laboratory Job Opportunities


The Quantum Performance Laboratory (QPL) is a multidisciplinary research and development group within Sandia National Laboratories. We develop and deploy cutting-edge techniques for assessing and improving the performance of quantum computing hardware, serving the needs of the U.S. government, industry, and academia. Our team is geographically dispersed, but highly collaborative. The QPL is currently accepting application for postdoctoral researchers. Interested applicants should contact Robin Blume-Kohout and Kevin Young, or apply directly to the job postings below.

Additional open positions at Sandia National Laboratories are listed at Sandia Jobs.


Current Open Positions 

Postdoctoral Researcher

Sandia Job ID 672454

We are seeking a Postdoctoral Appointee to perform original research in Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Theory. 

On any given day, you may be called on to:

  • Work with a team developing new methods to assess and improve the performance of quantum information processing devices; 
  • Interact and collaborate with a diverse set of experimentalists and other theorists at Sandia, academic institutions, other national labs, and private companies;
  • Take ownership of technical projects, publish outstanding new developments in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and present your work at conferences.

Qualifications We Require

  • Ph.D. degree in physics, applied mathematics, computer science or a related engineering or science discipline obtained within the last five years;
  • Research experience as demonstrated by technical publications and/or presentations.

Qualifications We Desire

  • Experience with machine learning, data science, or numerical simulation of quantum systems;
  • Experience in quantum information and computation; atomic, molecular or optical (AMO) physics; condensed matter theory; or high-energy physics theory;
  • Demonstrated ability to work in an interdisciplinary R&D environment.